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December 13, 2010


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I love puncher ... but i have only few, maybe several :))


I do love punches but my first love is distress inks for sure!


Tim Holtz paper distresser. Can't explain it. Just love how the edge of papers look.

Tara B

Close to My Heart paper packs! Love them and have way to many if there even is such a thing as way too many.

Jessica Gabriel

I don't mean to sound like a brown-noser, but my favourite 'tool' actually IS the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine! As a family we committed to not buy anything new this year, and the hardest thing for me to go without was the mag! I even got my local library to finally carry it just so I could have access to it! haha and come January 2011 Jackie and Katherina can be expecting a call from me to order a subscription! haha
Thanks for the chance to win!


I'm an alpha horder! I also hord fonts on my PC.


My favourite tool is my Cricut Expression! It's a blessing especially when doing titles and embellishments! I'm for surely a paper hoarder! There is just no denying it! Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

Chantale Desjardins

My first love is distress inks ....for sure
Happy Holidays.


My favorite product is nestabiliies! They are so versatile and I love that unlike punches they don't jam! And small to store!

Sabrina Oakey

I have been known as a paper junkie!!! Lots and lots of paper!! I could just scrapbook paper!!


My favourite scrapbook product is paper. I am addicted to paper. I really love all the sparkly, glittery kinds. I once told my husband that I won't buy anymore paper until I use up what I had. He seen right through that and said "yea right!" It lasted for about 2 weeks, and I broke down and bought more!


I have to admit, I have a thing about polka dots and stripes. Paper, ribbon, embellishments, chipboard, doesn't matter. If it has polka dots or stripes, I'm drawn to it.

Michelle Mireau

Do blogs and websites count?? Any time I come across a new link to a magazine site or blog, it automatically gets bookmarked! I currently have 43 bookmarks (44 including yours now Carolyn!). When I'm scrapbooking I often will use those sites and blogs for inspiration. :)


I am a certified hoarder of everything!! Paper, embellishments, you name it!! At the moment I am loving making my own patterned paper with stamps and distress inks!

Jennifer K.

I am a ribbon person. Can't live without my ribbon!


I must admit that my favorite thing is paper.... polka dots and stripes together. I think I own every piece of polka dot paper that was ever made....

Stacey Nordin

I have to say that I cannot choose my favorite thing bc i have so many...i can tell you i enjoy shopping for scrapbooking supplies just as much as I do using them...haha...my husband teases me all the time about this but yet he always ends up bringing me home "another surprise" for my collection...HI MY NAME IS STACEY AND I HOARD AS MUCH SCRAPBOOKING STUFF AS I CAN GET MY HANDS ON (ESP TECHNIQUE MAGS).

Stephanie M. Waterhouse

My most favorite thing is paper! It's inspiring! Opening up a new pack of paper is like entering a whole new world! A world of fresh and new ideas!

Dandy Civitarese

I am a Karen Foster Designs, Bo Bunny paper hoarder, BIG TIME!...and of course all the matching stickers and embellishments! Love the colors the style, even the smell of the paper!

Gabriela Seminario

Well, I think my thing is paper, that's what I keep buying and some of them are too beautiful to be used..hahaha


My guilty pleasure is most definately patterned paper, sometimes my kids look at my stash and just shake their heads and say, you could open your own store with the amount of paper you have....it's not quite that much, I don't think so anyways....HeeHee, Thanks for a chance to win Carolyn.


I am addicted to striped pattern paper....if it has stripes, I can't live without it....!!!!


ooops went to the wrong place first! LOL! I will try again!

I am by far a paper hound! Anytime I get near a scrapbook store (even online) I HAVE to order or buy paper. I'm not even sure what I'll use half of it for!

Mellissa Tolch

I have many scrapbook favs but my all time fav is my Silhouette!! I cant live without it, lol. It is Fabulous!!


Favorite, huh? Well, I love paper, ribbons are wonderful but my favorite is INK. If a project isn't inked up and smudged around the edges, well then it's just naked. This is a great giveaway and I would love to be the winner. Ohhhhhh, the inspiration inside would be the ticket. Christmas Merries to you and yours!

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